Pioneering technologies in fiber optic fusion splicing

Designed for the highest demands - advanced systems for fiber optic preparation, testing and analysing.

Nyfors Teknologi AB is an innovative supplier of fiber preparation equipment for high strength splicing and glass processing operations. Our products are specially designed for advanced fiber pre- and post-processing in situations involving challenging fiber types and high quality requirements.

We offer high strength stripping systems, automatic precision fiber cleavers for telecom and large diameter (LD) fiber, interferometers for fiber end face inspection and fiber optic recoaters as well as custom built production systems and specialty fiber processing solutions. All our products are compatible with fusion splicers from the major manufacturers and can be used as stand alone units or integrated into industrial manufacturing systems.

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The latest addition to our product range is a comprehensive line of fast and flexible fiber optic recoaters designed for coating restoration on stripped and spliced optical fibers in high strength applications.

All recoater models feature easily exchangeable silicone moulds to meet different fiber coating diameters. High and low index recoating capability makes it possible to process both standard telecom and various specialty optical fibers with different coating properties. Fiber recoating diameter and material can be changed by the operator with no realignment or cleansing of the injection system being required. Click here to read more about our different recoater models.

NYFORS ProofTester 2™ high strength tensile tester

Fiber optic tensile tester with adjustable clamp positioning. Two basic model configurations allow the customer to choose between a set up for standard linear proof testing and with mandrels for rotary high strength testing up to 100 N. Click here for detailed product information.

Short fiber length recoaters

Recoaters for applications where only short lengths of fiber are now available. A narrower positioning and shorter distance between the fiber clamps enables clamping and recoating of fibers as short as 124 mm without reducing the recoat length itself with the new AutoCoater 2 SC™ and ReCoater 2 SC™. Click here to read more about our different recoater models.

NYFORS MiniCoater 2™ portable fiber optic recoater

Small and flexible recoater that runs on built-in battery. An ideal choice for laboratory use or small scale production recoating. Suitable for recoating in field environments such as oil drilling platforms and other applications where a high degree of portability is required. Click here for detailed product information.

NYFORS AutoCoater 2™ automatic production recoater

Automatic optical fiber recoater with completely removeable injection system, ideal for production applications where flexibility is required to meet many different recoating needs and specifications. With a cure time of < 3 seconds it is also the fastest recoater on the market. Click here for detailed product information.

About Nyfors Teknologi AB

Nyfors Teknologi AB is a small family business with development and manufacturing facilities in Stockholm, Sweden. Established in 1987, we have been in the business of suppling advanced fiber preparation systems for more than twenty years. Thanks to our world wide network of partners and distributors we can offer training and support on the major markets in Europe, USA and North America, and Asia.